What to Include in Dr Seuss Birthday Invitation Cards

Birthdays are a big deal for everyone, whether a person is turning 1 year, 16 years old, 30 years or even 100. However when it comes to birthday cards, the conventional invitations cards that one buys in a shop may just not personalize the message that comes with the person at hand and thus the need to go for Dr Seuss birthday invitations. Using Dr Seuss birthday invitations is basically a personalized way of invitations to be custom made according to the party making it unique in every sense, setting it apart from the rest.

 Dr Seuss happy birthday invitations

Age of birthday person

When it comes to age, this comes with mixed reactions. Relatively children below the age of 10 would be happy to grow a little bit older, thus placing the age in large font sizes is ideal. Placing it in a color that is most noticeable is important, this way they can get to brag about it. However as one grows older and almost reaching their 30’s placing the age is not as ideal and it can be left out of the Dr Seuss birthday invitation cards. This way the birthday person will not start feeling old. In this case placing their photos when they were young and one recent one might just do the trick.

Date and time

The date and time are one of the most important things in a birthday invitation. In this regard choosing the best Dr Seuss fonts that will make the message stand out is important. With different times known for celebration of birthdays it is important that the time is specified. Using the phrases of p.m and a.m will help all those invitations have been sent to see if they will make time at the requested time. Since most attendees want to remember such parties, placing in the year as the age of the birthday person is important. This way the guests in years to come will always remember them in that way and can even make a scrap book out of all the Dr Seuss birthday invitations.

Address and location

There is usually one place a birthday party usually takes place. In this regard you should place the wordings, with the font most suitable at the place most noticeable. Since most of the guests attending will be close family members and friends, street address may be skipped to create more space on the invitation cards, making it less crowded. However if the location is not the home of the birthday person, then placing the street address would be necessary for all those people who may not know the place well.

R.S.V.P (Reply space)

Birthday parties are usually something that people want to celebrate with as many people as possible, thus the need for confirmation is very important. For this reason placing in a reply space is necessary. If you are planning on using two separate cards for that it would be necessary to inform the person designing the card this way only relevant information is placed in each card. Phone numbers and email addresses should be placed on the card so that one can opt to use any of the two means for confirmation. However since the parties invited are usually close, hand invitations are normally used.

dr seuss thank you birthday party invitation


The invitations generally come in a number of printable sizes. The person in charge of the event should check on what the content will have and choose one that is suitable. The most common types are 4*6 or 5*7. Color is yet another important specific to include, this way the favorite color of the birthday person is incorporated in the making of the card.

However when it comes to birthday parties, dressing is usually left for the guests to decide. However if there is a particular theme such as masks required or something special to be done, this should be placed in the Dr Seuss birthday invitations well before the printing is done.