Choosing the right wordings for your wedding invitation

When it comes to weddings the cards usually place a major role in what the invited guests are supposed to expect. The theme color and the modernity of it is spoken in the type of design chosen for the invitation cards. However when it comes wedding invitation wordings things seem to be a extremely difficult for the couple set to wed. With changing times in trends seen a reflection of the people the couple is can be seen by the wordings chosen, thus the importance of choosing the perfect wedding invitation wordings.

How to go about wedding invitation wordings:

Wedding Invitation example


The most important part in the wedding card is the names of all those involved. As is tradition the bride’s family is the one that offers up the invitations and as that should be named first. With evolved family structures available this days, it would be fair to drop the title such as Mrs. and Ms. or Miss. in the invitations, as the day is for the couple and putting in titles will just bring in more questions.

Date and time

The date and time is usually placed just after the names of the couple wedding. In this regard a larger font size should be used; however it should still be smaller than the names of the couple. With most weddings happening during the day it shouldn’t matter if the phrases of p.m or a.m are placed. However with most attending the weddings wanting the card as a souvenir, it will be wise to skip the year, this way the cards value will not be overtaken by time.

Where the ceremony is taking place

Generally there are two places that a wedding usually takes place. One is the place of worship and the reception area. When it comes to the place of worship, state in clear terms where it will be stating even the street name if it is uncommon, the same should be done on the reception venue. However if you plan to have different sets of people for the two occasions that are to happen , it would be kind to make different wedding card invitations. In this regard the wedding invitation wordings should be custom made to each of the different venues without any mention of the previous one. However special attention should be placed on the reception venue. If you are not planning to provide a full course meal to the guests be sure to tell them in kind words. Saying “to celebrate with a toast” will be better than inviting them “later to the reception”, thus will help reduce any embarrassments as the guests won’t be shocked.

Reply space

Working with a budget can be very frustrating. However this can be narrowed down to a specified number of guests who have agreed to attend the wedding. To make things easier, it would be better place the mail address with phone numbers on the wedding cards. In addition to the wedding invitation wordings normally found a wedding card, a line for replying should be written on another smaller card provided. A simple statement of requesting for a reply would be best, use a line like” please inform us early enough if you will be joining us”, This was it will be easier for the invited party to reply and this way only the guests replying will be budgeted for.

It is also important to note that if you want specific dress attire put on by your guests, ensure that you place it in the card on the lower right corner. This way everyone leaves a happy person after the wedding day is over.