10 Steps and Ideas to Plan a Pirate Party with FREE Invitation Templates

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10 Steps and Ideas to Plan a Pirate Party

1. Plan a Pirate Budget

First thing is first when it comes to a pirate birthday party – you must have a budget. There are a lot of things you will need to allocate for, so write down a list of everything you need and how much you can spend on each.

2. Time Available

Parties are always fun to plan, but let’s face it, time is of the essence. Before you go overboard (no pun intended), be sure that you have the time and energy to pull off the pirate birthday party you have in mind.

3. Pirate Decorations

Perhaps the most important part of any pirate bash, the decorations must be pirate approved. Looking for ideas? Think treasure chests, pirate flags, maps, and gold coins.

4. Pirate Invitations

Ahoy mate! Let your guests know you’re throwing a pirate party by sending out the coolest invitations! You can buy them online, make them yourself from these cool invitation templates or find them at party stores.

5. Pirate’s Helpers

If you’ve ever planned a kids’ bash before, you know how important helpers are. Whether it’s other kids’ parents or your babysitter, you’ll want to have a few adults to help with activities.

6. Prep Work

When planning the activities, consider how much prep work is involved. Handmade invites and a custom cake may sound great, but remember the work involved.

7. Consider Your Guests

Pirate parties are great for boys and girls, but they can be very different depending on the age and gender of the children.

8. Consider Your Kid

It’s so easy for kids to get lost in the shuffle, so be sure that you do something special to recognize your child.

9. Location

Home or venue? Although you may not like the vision of 20 pirates running around your house, it’s cheaper and easier to decorate. Venues are great if you have the extra cash and want to keep the party time limited.

10. Pirate Backup

When dealing with kids, it’s important to have a backup plan. For example, if the pirate birthday party is supposed to be outdoors and it’s rainy, know how you’ll deal.

Free Printable Pirate Birthday Invitation Card

Free Printable Pirate Invitation Templates