Minnie Mouse Invitations for Baby Showers and Birthdays

Minnie mouse arguably the most popular female cartoon character of all time. Most of the current generation of young adults can relate to this cartoon character. It is a powerful statement when you decide to design an invitation or buy one that is themed by this cartoon character. It will be much appreciated by the lady folk as this is a statement of femininity just the cartoon character exemplified. In a world where everybody is looking for heroes, Minnie Mouse was just who she was a funny and beautiful female character portraying what womanhood is all about, that is what made her famous.

Minnie Mouse invitations can be used for baby showers especially for girls, they can be used for birthday invitations and holiday card invites. You can decide to customize your Minnie Mouse invitation with other colours. You can have a red and white Minnie Mouse themed birthday invitation. The landscape design can be 5.5 x 4.25 inches and the portrait can be 4.25 x5.5 inches. That is enough space to fit all the details that you want like the text which as information on the birthday and the famous figure of Minnie. You can customize further and have a baby Minnie Mouse invitation, these invitations do not have to be the fully grown version. This would be greatly be recommended for a girl’s baby shower.

Pink Minnie Mouse Invitation Sample

Pink is the ideal color and it would make sense. The design can be vineyard-like with blossoming flowers of light red, pink and light yellow on the borders. The baby Minnie Mouse is at the bottom left or right corner of the invitation. The text on the card can be light and should not be too imposing.

There was the red and white Minnie Mouse birthday invitation and now the pink and white invitation. It is of high quality with full color and full-bleed printing on both sides. The card has shiny white pearls forming a ring around the card with a knotted bow tie at one part of the pearl encirclement. Pink polka dots and more bow ties embellish the invitation. The card has varying hues of pink which bring about a dramatic and attractive effect. The Minnie Mouse cartoon character figure takes a large portion to a side allocated on the invite. The text with the information can be in a darker version of pink. The paper is Matte which allows for a smooth finish of the colors and texture.

You can have holiday cards which are designed with Minnie Mouse as one of the characters in a host of cartoon characters. Minnie would feature prominently, in fact she would be the only female character to draw attention to her. Invitations containing famous characters be they real or animated have an air of credibility. They are special for children as these cartoon figures like Minnie rally influence kids and they would love to associate with them. So when you purchase an invite with an animated character and send to their friends, they will definitely feel welcome. A child’s birthday that is not easy-going like Minnie Mouse invitations will feel stiff and would definitely not serve the purpose of the occasion.