Lingerie shower invitations: Invite with a difference

This type of invite is for the all-grown up and mature crowd. The lingerie shower is the update version of the bridal shower, depending on individuals it has replaced the common and traditional bridal shower. The thing about lingerie shower invitations is that they can be customized according to your needs. If you are looking for a sophisticated feathers or a frilly bra and panties theme then you will surely get bit.

Start the lingerie shower with style by handing out stylish invitations before the real fun starts. People will judge the kind of occasion that they will be heading to by just looking at the quality of the invitation card. If it is mediocre, then expect a low turnout for your party, that is why you have to be taken through several options that will spice up your party even before it starts.

Black Lingerie invitation

The Black corset lingerie invitation features a black lace corset die cut attached to the printed card. The laces go through holes that have been made with black satin ribbon. You can choose a white or black envelope to put in the invite. You can decide to turn it up a notch and have lingerie invitations which are pink bra invitations. This kind of invite is polka dotted and has a lingerie presence about it. The bra is tied with a thread ribbon into a bow, the bow secures the bra and the invite together.

Chalkboard and Wine Lingerie Shower

The Chalkboard lingerie shower invitation has mural-like graphics of hanging bras and panties which are hanging on a clothesline. The prominent colors are black and white. The bras and panties bring out the gist of the occasion as they hang suspended and held by pegs. The effects could be added to show some parts of the invite have been partially erased to get that chalkboard effect going.

This unique and almost playful design for the lingerie shower invitation will bring your guests running. Text indicating the location of the party are written below the hanging mage. Can be made of top quality paper with both landscape and portrait options available.

The lace lingerie invitation is a girly, ladylike invitation that will perfectly resonate with your target gusts. The color is pink and black with floral décor with a mix of calligraphic and normal text. The floral detail is right at the top of the card though you may decide to customize if you decide to make but the best option is to purchase one that has been made well, without any hurry and pressure. Available in landscape and portrait, the card can comfortably fill the details without looking cluttered. Text meshes well with the design for proper organization.

Buying appropriate lingerie shower invitations should be guided by the kind of friends you want to pull into your shower, it is obvious most, if not all, are women. These invitations will be judged by their appearance and detail, women look at such things a lot and the details matter. Check out affordable invitations online or your nearest store.