How to Make Lego Birthday Invitations with Photoshop

Birthdays are one of the most special occasions in our lives. Therefore, you have to do everything within your means to make this day not only successful but also fun. Do you know that you can create Lego birthday invitations with Photoshop? Well, today we bring you simple steps that you can follow to design Lego birthday invitations instead of spending money to buy some from your local or online store.

Lego Birthday Invitation Example

Step 1

Decide on the theme of your Lego birthday party. If you are planning to host a Lego birthday party for your kid, many bright colors can make the invitations more appealing. For the adults, you can come up with something humorous as a way of emphasizing their age. Check online for beautiful looking Lego images or use photos from your desktop computer depending on your taste and preference.

Step 2

Scan the photograph of the kid or adult you are planning to celebrate during the birthday and then save it to a particular folder on your desktop. You can also save any other image that you might apply during the process to make it easy to access them.

Step 3

Open a new document in your Photoshop application. Change the settings shown from pixels to inches. Decide on the size of Lego birthday invitations you want to create at the end of the day. You can name the document Lego birthday invitations so that you do not waste time searching for the same.

Free Lego Template 3

Step 4

Open the photograph you want to apply when creating your invitation and then click Select all and copy. After that, simply paste the image into your Lego birthday invitation. You can resize the position of the photograph where you want to have it using the “move” and “scale” functions on your applications. Following the same steps you have used above, add more icons, images and shape to your invitation so that it looks more attractive. In the process of adding images, icons and shapes among other features, ensure that they complement with the theme of the party you are having. Most people tend to look at the images on the invitations than anything else. It will be very tricky to convince someone that you he or she will have fun when your invitations are looking dull. In addition, do not forget age your guests when choosing some of the things that you are going to include on your invitations. Unlike children who look at color, adults will require something different if at you want them to long for that day.

Step 5

Add the text you want to use by playing around with the font until you get something that you want. You can apply the custom shape tool to make them more attractive and personalized.

Lego You are Invited Logo

In conclusion, it is not mandatory to shop for Lego birthday invitations because you can create some for yourself. As long as you can access a computer, you can apply the above steps to come up with personalized Lego invitations that everyone will admire without spending so much money.

Free Lego Birthday Invitation Templates and Examples