6 Printable Invitation Templates for a Dinosaur Birthday Party

Kids love dinosaurs.Their scary appearances and gigantic looks create a wonderful atmosphere for birthday parties. There are many movies based on dinosaurs like Jurassic Park, Lost World, and Godzilla.

If you want a friendly version of a dinosaur, you can even opt for Barney the Dinosaur for your party theme.

Barnie and Friends Free Printable Invitation

How to make great dinosaur invitations?

These dinosaurs invitation templates are all free and with little effort you can make some wonderful dinosaur invitations.

You can make the wordings innovative by stating inviting all young paleontologists for a Dinosaur birthday party on (date) from (time). Kids’ birthday party invitations are fun to make, and even adults can join in the fun.

Free Printable Barney the Dinosaur Invitation Template

You can create your invites by making cardboard cuttings of dinosaurs and giving out the party details, or if you do not have the patience or time to create one, you can always purchase from your local stores or on cheap and affordable online store like Zazzle.

Printable Dinosaur Invitation Template

Dinosaur birthday decorations

No birthday party is fun without decorations. Green, royal blue, brown and yellow are some of the best colors to create a pre-historic feel to your home. You might even want to put some dry ice since dinosaurs lived way back to the Ice Age. Front yards can be decorated with paper streamers and balloons along with posters of different types of dinosaurs. Tables can be transformed into ‘caves’ by arranging the tables and chairs in a circle and covering them with sheets and blankets.

Editable Barnie the Dinosaur Invitation

Dinosaur party food ideas

Party is no fun without food. You can order a ‘Dinosaur egg cake, Volcano or a Dinosaur cake’ from any bakery or bake one yourself. You can even create new names for foods and beverages like Dino mite sandwiches, Herbivore Dino Dip, Dinosaur Shaped chicken nuggets, Brontosaurus burgers and Ice Age popsicles Dinosaur Crackers. For drinks, you can arrange for green colored lemonade or orange drinks.

Barney the Dinosaur Party Invitation Template

Games and activities for dinosaur birthday party

After a stomach full and delicious snacks, kids might want to indulge in some Dinosaur game activities. Some of the common dinosaur games that will have the kids hooked can include: Identifying the dinosaur, Fossil digging, Making dinosaur T-shirts, Carnivorous v/s Herbivorous, Pin the Dinosaur tail and Lost in the Jungle.

Dinosaur Party Invitation Card