How to create going away party invitations with Canva invitation maker

Canva offers you with hundreds of free templates that you can use to create going away invitations with ease. There is no need to spend a great part of your hard-earned income buying going away invitations when you create them from the comfort of your bedroom as you continue sipping your bottle of wine. The custom invitations have a high sense of charm as well as personality. With the Canva invitation maker, you can unleash your high level of creativity with the help of the drag and drop tool. In addition, you can select from over million images offered by Canva or upload some from your desktop to create an invitation that will suit your party. Forget about the generic going away invitations that someone will discard as soon as her or she receives them. Wow your attendees by designing funky invitations with Canva invitation maker right away.

funny going away party invitation

How to design your going away party invitations

• Open Canva invitations maker and then select invitation design you want to create
• Select from the thousands of professionally designed templates from Canva
• You can choose your own photos from your desktop or select one from over one million images provided by Canva
• Fix the images and the add stunning filters before editing your texts
• Save and share

Make a going away invitations with Canva invitation maker

How to customize your going away party invitations

• Change the images – upload other images from your desktop or choose from the stock of photos, graphics and other illustrations.
• Make changes to the font outlined- choose fresh fonts from those provided
• Make changes to the background- you can select a background from the Canva or any other from your PC.
• Change the colors- makes changes to the color of text as well as text boxes by adding extra flair.

Canva has millions of images that will suit the occasion. The Canva invitation maker allows you to access as high as 1 million images graphics as well as illustrations. Most of the images will not cost anything although we have some that you have to pay for. If you want to add a personal touch, as most people would prefer, you can replace the images with others of your choice.

Funny going away invitation sample

Print you going away party invitation and share it online

If you want to do things in a traditional way because of one person or two, print the invitation and send it by post. Start by saving the design in the form of PDF before printing it. This will help you get high quality going away invitations without paying a lot of money in return. Alternatively, you can share your invitations online through social media platforms such as twitter, facebook or instagram. To do this, simply click on the share button.

Canva invitation maker sample

Be inspired by Canva designers

Canva designers work day and night to ensure that you have millions of templates that are not only original but also diverse. You can use them as a source of inspiration to come up with something similar for your party. With Canva invitations maker in place, there is no need to spend sleepless nights thinking about how to design invitations for your upcoming party.