Using Frozen Theme for Girl’s Party Invitations

When it comes to Disney princesses Elsa and Anna of frozen, everyone can clearly agree they are the best of Disney princesses ever created and have definitely topped any other Disney princesses available. Every little girl is battling it out and even seems to want their birthdays coming more than once a year, so that they can be able to in a sense play the fairy Disney princesses. However as a parent this basically means that all your troubles have been halved. With a theme already in place all you have to worry about is the food at the party and the invites. Frozen party invitations are actually very easy to worth with. With most of them being available as a parent you only have to personalize the card according to occasion.

Frozen Birthday Party Invite


The most important part to any frozen party invitations is the party itself. The fact that the frozen invitation comes with a possibility of any party, you can custom make it for the occasion at hand. On the main side of the invite the event should be placed in the middle, with the princesses at either side of the invite.


Whether it’s a birthday party or a graduation party for the young girl, a photo is very important. However this is where the tricky part comes in. since the girl wants to be recognized, they may want to be considered friends with the Disney princesses and want their photo on the main page too. To manage this it would be wise to place in the Disney princesses on the left side of the frozen party invitations, this way enough space is left to the right. A nice photo should be placed on the right side of the invite just after the event name so that both spaces are utilized.

Names of invited guests

These usually come to the back of the frozen party invitations. An image of one or both of the princesses is usually placed at the left of the invite with the information being on the right. This is because generally people focus more on the right side and thus being most ideal. The words “you are invited” are usually the best used as this go directly in naming the person invited afterwards. The names should be written in a classical manner if the frozen party invitations have already been written. However and alternative is using the same font but different color in writing of the names before printing is done.

Date and time

Date time and venue is usually placed below the name of the recipient. This way they are informed in simple terms of where they are expected. Since the party is for the young girl and for her friends to help her celebrate, more information should not be placed on the frozen party invitations as they would not know what to make of it. However if there’s a specified theme to the party such as all young girls to be dressed as princesses , it should be written in clear terms in a language that is easily understandable by young ones. This way they get to explain to their parents and will feel more involved in the party.


For confirmations, this should be placed as the last thing on the frozen party invitations. Phone numbers of the parents should be placed, so that in case of any questions one can freely ask. Regrets and cancellations can also be gotten early, thus not inconveniencing any party.