Etsy baby shower invitations: Sample the best

Invitations have to be attractive and well-crafted for them to be appealing to the invited. When the invitations are good looking, people feel like they are valued and that you went into the trouble of designing an invitation that looks the part. Invitations should be special since there is a form of exclusivity which communicates that you value that person as a friend and it builds solidarity amongst friends and family. A baby shower for instance is a special occasion that you can ask your friends to grace. To celebrate the new life that you have been blessed with or which is about to come into the world.

Etsy baby shower invitations are beautiful and specially made for that occasion. They honor the occasion and take its weight accordingly with colors and designs that portray that it is a baby shower. There all kinds of unique and varieties of invitations like for instance the Blush Pink and Gold baby shower invitation that has a high resolution graphic that makes the card glitter. The signature paper choice for this invitation is the finest quality thick paper, its texture is like that of an eggshell. This is the paper reserved for fine stationery. The basic paper is white with a rich texture and a smooth finish for running colors. The shimmer paper is Pearl white. The paper looks good with the glittery designs with a fabulous luxe of 105 pounds.

The vintage baby shower invitation is another of the Etsy baby shower invitations. This particular invitation has vintage polka dot signatures and retro typography.

Etsy Vintage baby shower invitation sample

For a baby girl, you can have an invitation gray chevron, navy blue accents and pink polka dots. For girls also you can have a pink floral baby shower invitation.

For a baby boy’s occasion, you can send out an invitation with aqua and dime colors with tie and chevron stripe. Another option for boys would be the rustic baby boy card which comes with brown, blue and tan polka dots, they could come in checkered prints, argyle print or even stripes. Aqua would be representative of blue which is considered a baby boy’s color. In ancient Egypt, baby boys were wrapped with a blue sheet or cloth while girls were wrapped in pink cloths to show their femininity.

So both boys’ and girls’ invitations should be symbolic to the cultural and societal meanings. Speaking of culture, you can decide to get a Christmas and winter baby shower invite if your baby is born or about to be born at around that time. These invitations are embellished with Christmas symbolism and aesthetics to give relevance to the occasion.

Etsy Christmas baby shower invitation

There are other unique etsy baby shower invitations like the Jungle safari invitation which has a safari theme. This kind of invitations can be found in animal prints with colors such as jungle green and brown which symbolize the wild. You can decide to be different and go with such a theme. There are numerous other baby shower invites on Etsy. They have a large volume of variety but the invites mentioned are a worth to look. There are many other variations but these ones are the ones that might interest you the most. Next time you make choose an invitation ensure it is culturally, socially relevant by way of colors and most of all: unique with high quality materials used to make it.

You can find etsy shower invitations here.