Exciting tips on organizing baby shower and making diaper baby shower invitations

Childcare involves performing different tasks to ensure the baby is comfortable. Mothers are required to be prepared for the task ahead after their delivery. Usually, some things like toys can be used by two or three babies as they tend to be durable. Diapers on the other hand are never reused and babies consume a lot of diapers daily. Shopping for diapers can be quite expensive but you can acquire donations of diapers from friends and other family members through a baby shower. A number of tips can be followed when organizing baby shower party and making diaper baby shower invitations.

With the target of getting diapers in mind, you need to tailor your event so that besides being fun and exciting, you are able to receive bounty collection of diapers that you will use upon delivery. The theme of the event as well as invitations to the event is one key aspect that shouldn’t overlooked when organizing a diaper baby shower. The theme concerns the appearance of the place of the event and has to do with the coloring of the event. Usually neutral theme can be quite attractive.

DIY diaper baby shower invitations

However, you can use your favorite color and avoid too many colorings that can end up being messy. Your invitations should also be able to portray the purpose of the event. You can achieve this by using real disposable diapers as envelopes when sending invitation cards and you should also include a note encouraging your visitors to bring a package of diapers. Similarly, it is important to encourage them to bring varying size since babies grow tremendously after birth and you need lasting stock of diapers.

The decoration of the event on the due day should greatly reflect the business of the day. You can use diaper cakes where diapers are used to form a showpiece cake in order to not only attract your guests but send a message of the intention of the party. Such cakes can be manually created personally or with help of friends who have the ideas of the same.

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The place should also be customized to match the diaper baby shower theme and invitations. This can be achieved by placing cards and attaching diaper pins to the white place cards and writing each guest’s name below. Diaper banners can also be used during the event and they should be placed across the entrance to welcome the guests. Consequently, you can write a letter on an individual diaper to form a word and use diaper pins to connect the diapers to depict that word.

Appetizers and other white foods can be served using diaper plates where diapers are placed vertically as well as horizontally around the bowl or service plate and presented to your guests. Furthermore, you can create gift incentives to your guests who attend the baby diaper shower and bring diapers for you. Guests can be encouraged to bring more diapers for you when you set standards in order for them to receive the gift. For instance you can say that they will get an award ticket when they bring a package of diapers and one who brings more packages earns more tickets. At the end of the event, present your gifts to them.

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Diaper baby shower events can really help you acquire diapers for use upon delivery of your baby. Invitations can be open to couple friends of mothers only as well as daddies only depending with your needs.

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