Choosing Wedding Invitation Quotes

What kind of literature would you want your wedding invitation to have? It really depends on the bride and groom as to what they will put on the wedding invitation. Besides the invite, naming the invited, you could add a little of something juicy that they can read. There are a lot of things that can be written, a variety of wedding invitation quotes. Quotes vary, depending on your religion, you could decide to put an inspirational verse from the Bible. You could decide to quote someone who spoke highly of the institution of marriage someone reputable and respected. You could even decide to go the romantic way and put together a poem on love and marriage.

Of course the wording of your wedding invitation will be personalized. One thing of note is that the wording has to be palatable and wholesome so that everyone you invite is pleased with the quotes. It should not offend anyone so you should be very careful on what you chose. If it is a Bible verse, let it be relevant to the institution of marriage or talk about love between man and woman. The wording of the quotes should be written in an artistic and attractive manner. Some skills in calligraphy should be applied for the special occasion. The colors used should not overpower the quotes so that they are able to be read well and internalized by the invitees. To that effect, the calligraphy should not be over-elaborate such that, it makes one’s eyes busy in the wrong way.

Romantic Wedding Wording Example

You should choose something inspirational and creative if you will o go down the Bible route. Wedding invitation quotes should bear a message and not just flowery language for the sake of it. It has to connect with the invitees one way or another. If you decide to go the creative way, use language and imagery that everyone will understand. Do not over-complicate and overdo the quotes. Make sure if you are using a poem that it should be east to understand to a majority, poems can be interpreted in many ways so you have to be careful what sort of poem you write that it does not offend in a subtle or open way.

Romantic Wedding Invitation Quote

Keep it short, do not choose something that is lengthy or if you are making the invitations, do not be prolix be brief and precise to the point. Keep the wording at a minimum which will not even hog space on the invitation card. Having pointed out that, the bride and groom should not be restrained, they should put their romantic ideas together and come up with a wedding invitation quote that is a true reflection of what they feel about it other, let them tell the world how they feel about their love before their big day. Try to be unique, let the wedding invitational quotes not be like the one your brother or sister used, let it differ from what your friends did. You can ask for help in choosing the invitational quotes.

Samples of Wedding Invitation Quotes and Wording