Camo Wedding Invitations: Let your uniqueness start from the invites

When picking or making wedding invitations, stand aside from the crowd and be unique. Do not be cliché, everybody wants their wedding to be unique and stellar. But why don’t you start yours from the invitations card. Or be generous enough to a friend and suggest to them the idea of camo wedding invitations. These invitations are full color with an interesting theme behind them. The idea is camouflage. When you decide to run with this wedding invitations, you will be impressed by their sheer beauty, what the wedding is supposed to symbolize. Do not be misled, camo wedding invitations can be classy and elegant. They can be modernized but still have the jungle camouflage look and feel.

Lavish camo wedding invitations are strikingly beautiful with a variety of 12 colors being used for aesthetic value. The paper type is Matte and other paper based essentials. Its Matte eggshell texture and smooth finish allow for the essential backdrop for your designs. It has a 17 point thickness. The hunting camo invitation is designed differently at the back and front. The front part has an orange liner border and features a buck and doe heart. The text is written in hunting green with a white and camouflage background. The front design is white and hunter orange. The back has a white and hunter orange border with the same buck doe heart design.

You can choose an invitation with sunflowers. The card has two or three sunflowers which have fully blossomed and are of varying sizes. The text is done in calligraphic manner with the colors of yellow and brown with a background which looks like a series of intertwining plants, the background is made of solid colors such as brown with contrasting green accents of the other way round, you cannot pick out which color is the most prominent, camouflage it is.

Beautiful Camo Invitation

The camo and white lace wedding invitation looks tasty to the eyes, it is an eye-candy with the way the color and design details have been blended. The corners of the invitation are white embroidering resembling the bride’s wedding dress. The background has a design of what looks like, prairie grass. Some of the grass looks withered but it is done in an artistic way, you will appreciate the art. The brownish green withers do not bring any negativity to mind, they are well-designed and are catchy. The text is big with dark brown colors which do not in any way block your view of the background. It complements the background and the background does the same for the text.

Camo wedding invitations are made of high quality paper with full color on both sides of the invitation. It is either a 5 x 7 inch portrait or a 7 x 5 inch landscape. Make your wedding invitations stand out. Your wedding day should be memorable, make or purchase artistic invitations that you will distribute to the world as you let them know you are walking down the aisle. Let how they are told be in the most elegant way with finesse and quality.