The sweetest baby shower invitations for girls

Baby girls are amazing little cute gifts from heaven. Parents love to throw lavish baby shower parties for their baby girls. All the guests show up with gifts of all sizes and shapes. To get the party, the guests normally have received invitation cards. There are many types of baby shower invitations for girls. Read on to learn about some of the best.

glitter baby girl shower invitation sample

The glittering baby shower invitations for girls

This is an amazing baby shower invitation. It is rectangular in shape and has pink, glittering trim along its edges. It is made with love and style. Moreover, this superb baby shower invitation card has a space in the middle of the trim that is occupied by specific details. Examples of these details are the name of your newborn baby girl, the location and address of the baby shower as well as the date of the party. Moreover, You can write the name of the guest that is being invited as well as place an RSVP for them in the invitation card. This invitation card for a baby girl baby shower measures 4 ¼ by 5 inches. Moreover, it has a matte finish on it. It is printed using a portrait format. You can get a minimum of 15 of these baby shower invitation cards. You can also get more than 125 of them too. If you buy 12 cards, you will only pay $1.69 for each. However, if you buy more than 125 cards, you will buy them at $0.99 each.

baby shower invitation template for girls

The patterned balls baby girl shower invitation card

This is a beautiful card that features so many colors on it. It has pink, lime, yellow and pink polka dot designs on it too. The card is decorated with balls hanging fro pearly strings from the top of the card and id way through it. It also has the word ‘GIRL’ written on it in pink, lime, yellow and white. The card can be customized such that you write who the lucky mommy is. Moreover, the card has the words,’Let’s shower her with love’ written in cursive under the main word in the middle of the card. All these details are placed against a background that is chocolate in color. The card has the address details, RSVP details as well as other information written at the bottom of its cover. The card is printed on flat standard card paper and it measures 4 ¼ by 5 inches. The card has a matte finish on it. Moreover, the card has a portrait orientation. It is a stylish card that will impress and invite guests to your baby girl’s baby shower. You can get from between 12 and more than 125 cards of this design. When you buy 12 cards, you pay $1.69 per card. Moreover, when you buy more than 125 cards, you pay $0.99 per card. This patterned card is ideal for any baby girl on her special day.

baby shower invitation for girls

The Darling Blooms baby shower invitation cards

ower invitation card. It features flowers, on its upper and lower parts. Moreover, it has ‘It’s a girl’ written on it in cursive along the middle of the card. You can personalize it by adding your address details along the lower middle of the card. It measures 4 ¼ by 5 inches and costs $1.6